Thursday, 20 October 2011

What's in my bag?

What's in my bag post!

Yes, I know I'm way behind in the times, but still. I wanted to do this post, so take a peek into what is in my shapeless sack of a purse/bag :P

Said shapeless sack filled with everything and a couple of hair clips in this post.

We'll start with the obvious and boring!

My wallet, I believe it was a gag gift for our family's Christmas Tree game we play on Boxing Day every year. I think it was from a poundshop? I like it, it feels sturdy, holds all of my cards/coins/notes, so I'm not going to argue!

Phone! Vodafone own brand phone, completely touch, which I dislike, and I think it's on its way out; it keeps on turning itself off and on whenever it likes. Notice how I have the day listed under the time? That's what uni does to you (I go in on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but by the time I get to Thurs, I think it's Friday). I barely remember what day of the week it is, so this is a nice reminder, so I don't look stupid asking all the time.

Keys! My sister's lovely recent school photo, she's adorable~ Keys to my flat (3), and keys to my mum's house and my nan's. Tesco clubcard keyfob thing, and a bottom of a bright pink medical equipment company's lanyard.

This is my little cardholder thing I got from my bank on opening my student account, I got a free 16-25 railcard which runs for 5 years (I don't need to renew the card). I keep this right in the front pocket of my bag so I can grab it quickly, and store my uni ID card, my railcard, another ID card for my work and a £20 note in it. When I'm travelling though, I keep this little wallet in my jacket pocket.

Since coming to uni, I've become scarily organised and ridiculously good at time management, even if I don't know what day it is~ This book has my life in it.

This book however, is my love~ I like keeping a fun book with me in my bag in case I get stuck at a train station, or if I'm waiting between classes.

And of course, because this is my uni bag, pencil case time! This pencil case is my sister's. I stole it. It's small, and it holds these pens just snugly. I can only process my handwriting in red pen. If it's in black I have a hard time, and blue I just can't make sense of it.

A6 notebook for random stuff that I think of during the day~ Usually full of shopping lists of stuff I forget to then buy

Lavender oil roll on (for relief of headaches, or to relax), menthol gel rub thing for your forehead if you have a headache. It's not waxy, definitely gel like, and Marks and Sparks Lemon Anti-Bacterial hand sanitiser. These live in the very front pocket of my bag, the one with the zip.

Omg drugs. Seriously, this is a little coin purse that I keep ibuprofen and antacids in :)

Make up stuffz.

Ok. Nail varnish (whatever I'm wearing at the time), home made lip balm in a lil 5g jar, mini mascara, lip gloss, brown eyeliner, travel size moisturiser, mirror, face sun block, Marks and Spencer lip balm, Marks and Spencer hand cream, travel size sun block.

All of that (apart from the lip balm, hand cream and the Nivea sun block) lives in here:

I think there's about 1/3 of these cleansing wipes left, so the packet slides nicely in the back pocket of the bag. Always handy to carry around, but I have super sensitive skin so I wanted to make sure that it was ok for the face just in case.

And the last thing! Essential now the cold has hit us. handwarmers!

This is a cupcake one that I got for Christmas '10, it was from, and I think it cost about £5.


  1. some day I'll post something like this.. my bag is a mess I always carry junk!

  2. Thanks for commenting! I found that doing this post helped to keep in check what I keep in my bag :)