Thursday, 13 October 2011

MUA Eyeshadows

I bought 2 new MUA eyeshadows a week ago, and I thought I'd share pictures of swatches of all the shadows I currently own (I'm going into town tomorrow to pick up some more and a few nail polishes, AND pretty much all of the I Love... Chocolate and Oranges range).

Unfortunately, I depotted them all into a tin before taking photos; it never crossed my mind that I should photo before swatching that day! Nevermind! I have a photo that I took a few months ago when I bought my first round of the shadows, and the packaging is still exactly the same.

Plain black casing with a clear plastic lid. The shadows aren't hard to open, so your nails will be intact after opening. They're also sturdy as I was able to do a whole move across the country without them shattering.

Back of the packaging. Each pan holds 2g worth of product, so £1 for 2g, deal right?

These are the swatches done in my room, under tungsten lighting, and all of the shadows are of the pearl texture. I think that number 26 is the wrong number, so we'll call it 2? from here on.

Shade 3: A pearl finish, it looks like tin foil when swatched on your hand. It's very smooth, almost creamy, and has pretty good pay off
Shade 9: A duochrome. The base colour is very pink, as you can see in the photo, but it flashes between blue and pinky purple. Needs to be built up though to work well
Shade 14: A darkened forest green. Soft, and better colour pay off than shade 9. Is a pearl finish
Shade 11: Metallic golden brown. This colour is gorgeous, kind of reminds me of Urban Decay's Toasted; maybe not so much in photos, but in person, yes.
Shade 12: Possibly the most talked about MUA shadow. This is the dupe for MAC's Club. Reddish brown base with a green duochrome, which you can just about see here. I love this colour, it's the ultimate 2 colours in one. Smokey eyes are effortless with this colour... Just be careful you don't end up looking bruised with all the red and brown.
Shade 13: Dark Royal Purple. I want to love this colour so much, and in the photos it's easy to see, but look, the pay off is bad. This swatch was done on top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and it was still patchy. I tried it on top of coloured bases too, and it's still patchtastic; and not in the good way.
Shade 2?: Golden Rose colour. Starts off sheer, when I swatched it initially, I thought I had finally come across a bad MUA pearl shadow. Naw, not by a long shot. It swatches beautifully, smooth. It's a pretty rose-y colour, and it makes me think of the transition from summer to fall when you don't want to darken it up, and you still want to cling to the roses/corals of summer.

All of these shadows are in Superdrug stores around the country, retailing at £1 each.

All purchased by me, with money that is my own :)

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