Friday, 28 October 2011

Maybelline -- Cool Watermelon and Peach Colada

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks.

bought these from Cosmetic Kingdom a couple of weeks ago, and so are the pictures.

L-R: Cool Watermelon, Peach Colada.

Cool Watermelon is a very bright watermelon pink, in the tube it almost looks neon. But when applied, it's a very nice cool pink/red. The swatch is with about four strokes going over, so it's definitely a buildable colour. It is very smooth going on the lips but because of that, I feel that you lose some wear time. This might just be because once I have lip product on, I feel the need to rub my lips together to either make sure it's even, or make sure it's there. Also, this colour seems to stain, out of the two.

Peach Colada is my favourite out of the two. Initally it's a very sheer golden coral, and you can build it up to the opacity as depicted above; but it is sheer. I think it's supposed to be sheer. It's gorgeous with just one or two swipes; it makes your lips look fuller because of the shimmer in the lipstick.

These lipsticks upon swatching look juicy. That's really what this photo is lacking. The colour is pretty true to life but you can't see the juiciness that the colour has to it.

I find that unless you actively go out trying to identify a scent, these lipsticks aren't too bad. I had to get them out and sniff at them hardcore to find a smell! If I was asked, I'd say that there is a hint of a melon smell to them, but it's not bothersome at all.

I like these lipsticks, and for 99p(?) I don't think they're bad at all!

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