Thursday, 20 October 2011

Northern Light Soap -- LUSH

So, I touched on my spree in Lush the other day, but there was one purchase that really stuck out for me, and that's the Northern Lights Soap. I bought it just for the colour, I don't think I even smelled it until I got home!

It's part of their holiday collection (at least in the UK), it's flourescent green/yellow with a dark orange/red outer rim. It also has these white shreds of what I assume, soap. The scent description says lime and pine, and I definitely get that immediately, I don't have to spend ages trying to decipher the individual scents. It's a very distinct, and quite strong, but pleasing scent. I love citrus so I'm a little biased though.

When you wash your hands, the lather is lovely and smooth, a lot creamier than other soaps, but upon rinsing, like all soaps and my hands, as soon as I rinse, my hands feel... Not dry but kind of like there was a residue on my hands. However, the lather was a fun green colour, so that makes it up, I'll just use hand cream. When I put the soap on the side of the sink to rinse, then picked it up again, it had left a green residue mark on my sink, but that's what you get for flouro soap!

I love this soap, and the little things that are bad, I can just pile the good reasons; the gorgeous smell or the amazing colour, on and it's all good.

Also! I think it's quite large, so I'm cheap and have cut mine into quarters, and I'm going to wrap them individually up and give one to my mum, and one to my sister for Christmas (I only tested one quarter of the soap for washing my hands).

I got this from my local Lush store, and it cost me £3.42 as I got just over a little 100g, but the website says that per 100g it's £3.25 :)

Blurry picture to show the craziness of the flouro~

Available at Lush stores and online.

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