Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Homemade Palette

Depotting eyeshadows.

Now, I don't have MAC palettes, nor do I have Z palettes or Uni ones. What I do have however is a pencil tin from the poundshop that I have turned into my perfect palette for depotted eyeshadows.

This is a pencil tin that I bought from Pound World in my town, it came with 12 pencils (which I needed anyway). Magnets are attracted to the metal, so don't worry.

As you can see, it opens up nicely, has quite a lot of space for shadows to go in

The next step is to get hold of magnetic photo paper. Again, I got two sheets of magnetic paper from Pound World.
(Yes, you can see my lava lamp~)

Cut the magnetic paper into shapes that will fit on the back of your eyeshadow pan. As you can see here, that black square will fit nicely onto the back of that pan

Using superglue (I used some cheap glue from Wilkinsons), adhere the magnet on to the back of the pan. Magnetic paper will come with a black side and a white side. Make sure that you apply the glue to the white side.

Stick your pans in to the new palette!

The whole project cost me under £2.50, the pencil tin and magnetic paper were £1 each, and I have a feeling that the glue I used was ridiculously cheap, something like 17p. It's easy, cheap, and I find it fun organising the colours when they're all snug in the pan!

I have three of these palettes now, one that holds MUA colours, another that holds Colourworks shadows, and this one that holds random shadows that came in far too bulky packaging.

Pros of doing this mean that I can take a lot more eyeshadow colours with me when I travel, as they're all in one place, also, I can put the shadows in different tins, so all the colours I need will be in one tin. It's a lot easier than hauling around a bag full of loose eyeshadow palettes like the rather large Maybelline single eyeshadows.
Also! If you don't like the fact that people will see that you've got a 'palette' from a pencil tin, you can easily customise your tin with the sticky back plastic you can get from stationery stores. The plastic comes in all different kinds of designs and colours, so you'll be stuck for choice!

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