Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sunday, 20 May 2012


I'm moving away from blogger *GASP*

I am just moving over to wordpress though, so all is not lost!

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Jesse's Girl Nail Polish in Cupcake Frosting

Wait, what? I'm posting?

Yes, I am. I came to such a great epiphany that I needed to post!

I can't wear pink nail polish to save my life. I tried! God knows I've tried. I wore this manicure for 3 days, hence the tip wear, but I just hated it on me.

Cupcake Frosting by Jesse's Girl

The pink is a nice pink. I like it on its own as a colour, but on my nails the almost neon pink just revolted me. It made my hands look orange, and I just couldn't deal with it, so I finally cracked and took it off about 5 minutes ago.

The polish itself is a dream. I like how the brush is quite a bit smaller than usual polishes (I have ridiculously short nail beds) and the formula is smooth and creamy. No cuticle drag, nothing, it's lovely to work with (which is why I'm glad I have 4 other shades), but this colour I think will have to go to my 10 year old sister.

This whole review sounds so negative, but I need to stress. I just don't like this colour. The polish is great in all other aspects. I just can't wear this colour.

I paid for this, I believe it was 65 pence from Cosmetic Kingdom. I will always recommend buying from there because the service is great, postage is always fast, and it's free if you spend over £10!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Exams turn me into a nail biter.

Nail polish was Models Own Golden Green (like that's a huge advertisement for them :P)

 Anyway. I generally do well in exams, but that doesn't make me any less stressy about them. For instance, I have an exam this week, and it's only worth 10% of my grade for one module (I take 4 a year) and I'm so nervous it's ridiculous. It's also the subject I do best in, which is even more infuriating.

Well... That was a pointless post, glad I shared :)

Thursday, 29 March 2012


New NOTD, from Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Polish in Wink

With and without flash. It actually photographed better with flash; it brought out the deep bronze more. It's annoying, because it's so beautiful in the bottle, with gold shimmer and swirls, but it hardly translates on the nail. Never mind!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

NOTD Barry M and NYC

This NOTD is inspired (lol what) by the ridiculous amount of sunshine I've had over the last few days, but also my reluctance to let go of winter.
Barry M's Berry Ice Cream, with NYC's Nail Glossies in 241 The Barry M is gorgeous, and applies really easily, the only downside is that it's so dupeable it's crazy; but it's inexpensive, so that makes up for it. The NYC one is very sheer, hence using it as a top coat. I really don't have the patience to build it up to around the 4-5 coats it needs to become totally opaque, and that's because it takes a while to dry too.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Show off and Metallic Petrol

Again, I found myself using the H&M polishes.

Show Off from Collection 2000 and Metallic Petrol from H&M on the ring finger, with flash

Without flash

Show Off is a beautiful mid bright blue with shimmer, it reminds me a lot of the Ocean Breeze colour from Revlon, or Hypnotic Turquoise by Miss Sporty. My bottle's getting old, so I need to think the formula down, but it's still gorgeous.
Metallic Petrol isn't a petrol colour, at least, it isn't to me. It's a denim. A deep, denim blue that's slightly metallic with tiny silver shimmer/glitter. It dries to a slightly satin finish, so a top coat is needed.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

More H&M

Another NOTD with H&M? On a roll~

This is a grey colour from Primark with 2 coats of Spark Me Up from the last post.

I absolutely adore this combination, and I've found that the glitter coat really builds up well. They're both fast drying, and I love it. The grey Primark nail polish came from a holiday set, there were 4 mini nail polishes. The polish isn't the greatest formula I've used, but it's by no means the worst. I would definitely recommend a top coat, and this polish seems to hate bottom coats.

This was with just one coat of Spark Me Up