Monday, 24 May 2010


I am about two tasks away from finishing my coursework, but I'm so unethused to do it. Notice the nice contrast from my last post to this. I am still enthused about cadet work, but this, I just cannot be bothered.

I think it would be ok if I didn't have to write reports about the fantastic equal opportunities legislation and polices and procedures put into place following this. Long gone are the days where our Diversity lessons consisted of writing about Elton John's rant that Jesus was gay. I miss those lessons.

Blogger seems to be the only website that is not blocked, however, it still does not allow me to view my complete profile. >.< Just two more weeks and I'm done!

That being said, HAVE YOU GUYS HAD THE HEAT. Woo, it's been so hot, I've been sprawled out covered in those cooling patches you get for migraines. My ice bank is full and the bottom drawer of my freezer is full of these.

I am living off them.

57 days 'til my birthday!

Monday, 17 May 2010

First Aid

Have you ever been truly inspired?

I was away on a First Aid course at the weekend, and my instructor inspired me immensely. He's barely 30, has 2 BSc's and a Master's in Science, has his own company and is in charge of all First Aid training in the country for our organisation.

I've been on a lot of courses, and usually they're run by ancient nurses who surprise me by not falling asleep, and people who try to be enthusiastic but are just really scary. I'm betting everyone has had an instructor like that.

Enthusiasm is infectious

Yes, it is, but only genuine enthusiasm, not freaky wide eyes and silly jokes. But this guy, you could tell he loved what he was doing, he felt genuine enthusiasm for teaching us to teach.

I loved every minute of it, and it got me thinking. I could do that. First aid is a subject that everyone should have knowledge of; it's a basic life skill.
I want to be able to teach kids, teens, adults not only to save a life, but to help each other.
I am booking myself another Instructional Methods (under 16's) course so I can get my teaching skills honed up, and am currently looking up a Preparation to Teach in the Life Long Sector (it will enable me to teach over 16's).

Writing up lesson plans now!

The money's good if you do it right too. Not that that matters.


Monday, 10 May 2010


This is my first blog post on blogger. I'm all over the internet really; my haunts are mainly LJ and youtube, however, I do not make videos. I'm not videogenic. Yet.

Have a waffle, one of my favourite things in the world.