Thursday, 3 November 2011

Nails Inc

Nails Inc

So, today I got my daily email, notifying me of freebies in magazines; and Glamour (who are renouned for doing great freebies, think the Benefit pencils from 2010 and the mini cheek tints from Benefit of 2011) had a free Nails Inc Nail Polish with every issue. I think there are three or four colours, and they usually retail for £11. The magazine is £2, so if I can save myself £9, I'm going to do it.

The issue is the one with Kristen Stewart on and is the December issue.

The nail polish is a in a pretty card box. It's simple, and I think it goes well with the colour I chose. (I had already used the polish on my nails, hence the fingerprints :P)

The polish is Basil Street, and as far as I know, it's not limited edition, as I saw it on the Nails Inc website. It's a gorgeous milky toffee colour. It looks perfect on my nails, it's definitely an elegant colour. It's one of those in trend nude colours, I don't have anything like it, I have Mushroom by Barry M, and I think that's the closest shade I have, and that's a lot darker. The picture is with 3 coats on the nail. I find that the formula is quite thin, so one coat really isn't enough. The polish dries fast though, and is wonderfully shiny!

I find this shade to be one of the more wearable of nude shades, it applies a lot better than other tones like this I've tried. Take Peach Melba for example. It's streaky, and I can never seem to get an even coat; with this you don't even have to try!

I'm definitely a big fan of this polish, and I'm not going to lie; I'm probably going to pick up the other colours, and a back up on Basil Street, as I see myself depleting it fast!

Magazine and Newspaper Freebie page

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