Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Eye Shape

This isn't a tutorial, in the video and step by step photo sense.

Changing eye shape with eyeshadow.

I feel that my eyes are very small, and that my features are squished into the center of my face. With this technique, I can make my eyes appear larger, without using light colours.

Sleek Inferno (pigment) in the inner half, Collection 2000 Inky (pigment) and Barry M Black (pigment) in the outer half. ELF's eyeshadow transformer (gold) in the inner corner.

What I did was I filled in the first half of the eyelid in the burnt red copper colour, then with the black/blue colour I then drew out an exaggerated wing, extending it to much further back than I would normally.

This makes my eyes look larger, and also, it would be good if you have close set eyes and need to make them look further apart.

Here you can see it making my eyes appear wider too.

What do you do to change the appearance of your eye shape?

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