Friday, 25 November 2011

2true vs MAC

Really quick post, because it's 5am, and I was browsing through my make up :P

So, I bought the Iced Delights Sultry Lip Bag from MAC, and the cremesheen glass Deelight looked suspiciously like one I already own. But this lipgloss that I already own was not from MAC, no, it was from 2true. 2true is in Superdrug and it's usually on one of those free standing little turning counter things. Think jewelry displays. Anyway. You can pick up three items for £5 usually, and this lipgloss, on its own, is £1.99. Worth a try right?

Here are MAC Cremesheen Glass (top) in Deelight, and 2true Colour Drench Lip Colour in Shade 1
They look pretty alike here, no? The colour is almost the same, but Shade 1 is a little darker.

L-R Deelight, Shade 1, Top-Bottom, Shade 1, Deelight

They both apply really nicely to your lips, but if anything, I like the slightly more creamier, and more moisturising feel that the 2true has; the cremesheen glass is a lot thicker. These two colours are my ultimate My Lips But Better lipgloss, so I'm super happy with that, they wear for around 2 hours or so. They're both very pigmented, I would say that they have the same level of pigmentation. Shade 1 is a tad more on the coral/warmer side, but I think the flash accentuates that, because in person, I could hardly tell the difference between the two colours. The smell they both have is of the generic (but delicious) vanilla scent, which is almost delicate when applied on the lips, and disappears after a while.

Overall, I think that both products are really good, but I'm definitely going to repurchase the 2true gloss. At £1.99, I'm more than sold :D

2true products are in Superdrug or


  1. Wow those two colors are super close. They're almost the same. I love the nudey pink though I think I might have to go out and purchase one... unfortunately I think I might have to go MAC since we don't have 2true here in the states.


  2. Oops! I should've mentioned that it's a UK brand :/ Thanks for commenting though, glad you liked the post!