Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic

Golden Wonder bath ballistic -- From

Please click the thumbnails to make them bigger; I couldn't get the colours, or the stars, or the textures right if I cropped or resized the pictures, the best way to see it is if you look at them at their original size.

This bath bomb is from the holiday collection, and it's huge. I didn't take a picture of it before I dumped it in my bath because I was just so eager to try it. Bad blogger D:

Anyway. When you get it out of the little paper bag, it's glitter city, and being a bath bomb, it's dusty, but that's fine; after all you're going to be putting it in the bath. When you shake it, it rattles, and the woman at LUSH described it as 'a bath bomb inside a bath bomb', which is a pretty accurate description. It has that distinct citrus smell that I love, lime and a hint of orange. It's one of the more expensive bath bombs, but for the size of it, I'm more willing to pay the £3.25.

You drop it into the bath, and immediately you get a yellow fizz spreading out through the water, then suddenly a blue fizz starts up. I then stepped out of the bathroom, and then when I came back the pink had started, and there were stars, so I'm not sure if the stars came before or after the pink, but they're pretty awesome.

Stars, click to to make bigger.

The stars look like glitter, but they're not, when you touch them or get in the bath the stars disintegrate and you're left with a golden shimmer in the water; think if you spilt gold pigment in water. This shimmer doesn't transfer onto the skin though.

Used the flash to show the glitter, it was extraordinarily hard to get the shimmer to show up without it.

The shimmer reminds me of those bath cremes you get and they have silk in them, so in the bottle they're shimmery. Also, when you're in the bath with the bomb, the shimmer looks like it's silk fabric under the surface of the water. It's a texture that's hard to describe.

The smell dies off a little when you use it, but when you lay back in the bath, the citrusy goodness envelopes you and energises you. When you get out of the bath, the scent doesn't stay on the skin at all, but that's ok, because I'm not a fan of when stronger scents from bath bombs stay on; I like to lotion up with cocoa butter, and walk around smelling like chocolate :P

I love this bath bomb, and I am trying super hard not to buy another one, but I think it's definitely going to be on my repurchase list, along with the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar :)

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