Monday, 21 November 2011

Models Own -- Beetlejuice

I fixed my camera, and now I'm putting off writing my memory study report.

I thought I'd share some of the prettiest polishes I own with you today. I have half of the Beetlejuice collection from Models Own, which are colours with a duochrome running through them. The colours are supposedly based on the colours of a beetle's back, and I find them all gorgeous. I have Emerald Black, Pinky Brown and Golden Green. I still need to get Aqua Violet and Purple Blue. They come at £5 each, 3 for £10 at ASOS or all 5 with a top coat for £20.

Golden Green, Emerald Black, Pinky Brown

Emerald Black, Golden Green and Pinky Brown

Emerald Black, Golden Green, Pinky Brown

It's really hard to capture the pearlescence and the duochrome to these gorgeous colours, so I'll sum them up verbally :)

Emerald Black: This colour initally looks black, but when you look closer, it's a beautiful dark shimmering green. It catches the light beautifully and glistens from teal to green
Golden Green: This colour is a very yellow green that in the light glimmers a dirty gold colour. This is my least favourite, and it's very sheer so you have to build it up quite a bit before it stops looking streaky
Pinky Brown: This is my favourite. In the bottle it looks an almost subdued fuchsia but when you get closer, you see reflects of gold and a little bit of green.

They all apply well, the polish is a little thinner than I'd like, but the polish is mainly microshimmer rather than flat polish, which helps give it that duochrome finish. The polishes last 3 days on me, with minimal tip wear (I don't wear my polishes for very long anyway), and I didn't use a top coat. The microshimmer particles are much more obvious in Pinky Brown, but as I said, I like it; it gives the polish a certain depth to it. The microshimmers remind me of the ORLY Cosmix polishes.

I think these are great polishes, and I can't wait to get the last two!

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