Friday, 16 March 2012

Stage Fright

Why hello there random post.

So, I am somewhat of a musical genius, I'll have you know.

Actually that's BS, I can play several instruments, but I'm goddawful at composition. ANYWAY. I used to play in a band (before you get excited, it was a military band) so you'd think that I'm ok playing to crowds, which I am. When I'm drumming along, and I have about 6 other drummers to back me up.

I've also been in school choirs, etc. I remember when I was in year 6, I had finally grown enough confidence to audition for a solo, but I was so scared that I sang, but when I sang it came out high pitched and so quiet you couldn't hear it. I remember being laughed at, but my teacher was all "At least she had the nerve to come up and try." That didn't help.

As a result, I've not been able to play for anyone since, and my singing voice is naturally really quiet now, I suppose to blend in with the rest of the people singing. When I'm on my own though, I can up the volume, and what I hear sounds good (doesn't it sound that way for us all?). That's what the problem is with living with a housemate. I can play guitar for her no problem, but when it comes to singing, I flail.

I thought she had gone out today, into town, so I was all yes. I can do this. I can pretend I'm on stage with Mumford & Sons/Laura Marling, and I'll be amazing. I'll make my own banter, possibly about musical kidnapping, and I'll play. Which I did. I played my own set of Alas I Cannot Swim, Below My Feet, and finished with Ghosts. No banter. I wasn't feeling it. Then I realise that my guitar needs a quick tune up, so I turn to get my tuner, and I turn back and BAM. Kaylie's standing in my door frame.

Oh shit.

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