Monday, 12 March 2012

Bootie Babe

Bootie Babe Nail Polishes!

These are ridiculously fun polishes, the bottles, and the colours. They come in 12 colours, and as of 12th March, there are fragrances now!

Bootie Babe Cosmetics can be purchased here. They do international shipping, and for the sake of UK customers, I ordered three (and got one free) and with the shipping, I believe I paid $18, which was $4 for each polish and $6 for shipping.

Now here's where there's a slight discrepancy with their pricing. On the site now, it says that the polishes are $9, but when I add one to my cart, it says $4. Just bear that in mind.

The three I have (I gave one to my aunt as a gift) are Slinky Pinky, Brink of Pink and Hella Baloo

I'm going to start with Slinky Pinky, because this one was the one I had the most trouble with. First off, the brush was slightly defective, and instead of being round like the others, it was twisted slightly, which meant that that polish dragged when it was being applied, and made application slightly awkward. The formula is quite nice and thick, but combined with the brush, it was a nightmare. I solved this by using a different brush though and it applied beautifully.

Above is how the polish applied with its own brush, and below is the brush. As you can see, it was twisted.

All in all, Slinky Pink is a soft pale pink, with a slight silver pearl running through it. This is the only one I have that is pearly the other two are creme finishes. As I have said the formulation is comfortably thick, and when used with a normal brush, it applies wonderfully.

Brink of Pink is in your face neon pink. It's a gorgeous colour, and like most neons though, I find it needs a top coat to keep the glossiness up, and it needs two coats, although again it has a nice thick formula. The brush was much better here, and this colour would look absolutely gorgeous with a tan.

And by no means least, my favourite, Hella Baloo.

Hella Baloo is a bright primary blue, and off the bat, it reminds me of Barry M's Cyan. I love this colour, the formulation (it's a little thinner than the others) and it's pretty much opaque in one coat. This is two coats for added glossiness.

These are all fast drying polishes, with Hella Baloo being the quickest to dry. They last pretty well on my nails to, averaging around 3 days before chipping and significant tip wear. I must admit, I'm surprised they're so good, I was just buying them for the cute bottles, but for them to be so good, I'm extra pleased!

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