Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Really quick NOTD to last until I put up the review of the 3 Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos I managed to get my hands on today in Superdrug :)

2true Crystal Nail Polish in Shade 3,Mysterious Turquoise

This colour is a teal/green, but my camera has problems picking up greens, and this was done with the flash, late at night. Below is a better photo, taken with me hanging out of my kitchen window to get decent light.

This is three coats of polish, no top coat. Excuse the dry as hell skin.

This colour is a sheer, but not jelly, deep green based polish with green and blue microglitter in the polish. The microglitter kind of reminds me of the finish that was in Models Own Pinky Brown. It's not grainy though, but it does take a little more effort to get it off the nail once it's on. I don't usually keep my nail polish on for more than two days (I already have changed it and this was on my nails yesterday) so I couldn't tell you how long this lasts. I did however bake like a madman once this had dried, and it stood up to that; I only took it off because I felt like the huge shimmer/jewel effect wasn't apt for the glorious spring days we've been having here lately :D

Available from Superdrug stores or online.

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