Tuesday, 6 December 2011

NOTD -- Miss Sporty

Miss Sporty Lasting Nail Polish

The colour is a deep aubergine with blue microshimmer. This is one of their more pearly shades, and I love it. I bought it because when I was younger I used to have a nail polish almost identical to this, and it came in a teddy bear bottle. I loved it and held onto it for ages, but then when I was tidying my room when I was a kid, I must've chucked it.

The problem with Miss Sporty is that the polishes don't have the names on the bottles; they're just on the display stand in the store. The website allows for some identification, but they don't use actual photos of the nail polish, so it can be hard to match colours with names. This colour is pretty distinctive though, so you'd definitely recognise it if you were to go to Superdrug to buy it.


  1. this nail polish look amazing
    I love the color :)
    great post!

    1. Thanks! I like it a lot, and wore it throughout the Christmas week I spent at home with my family :)