Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Purple hair!

I've been busy this summer, and with painfully slow internet with a ridiculously low allowance on upload/download, I've not been able to upload all of the fantastic pictures that I've taken for the blog.

But, my new internet for my new flat is due to arrive tomorrow, so I thought I'd suck it up and upload a few pictures and show you how I went from blonde to purple in 30 minutes~

The hair dye I used was Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL in 87 Mystic Violet from Superdrug, and I think it cost me £4.89, but don't quote me on that. I've used dyes from this line before, so I knew that they're reliable and also that my hair likes to hold on to these colours, and it doesn't damage my hair.

This was the colour I went from; it's pretty close to my natural colour, but my natural colour is a little darker, maybe half a shade darker. My hair had been put up in a mini ponytail all day and it had rained so my hair was all fluffy.

This is the picture I have of the actual dying process. When the dye goes on, initally it's not dark, and I had a mini panic and thought that I was going to have to send my brother back into town to fetch me another box, but as it started developing, it darkened up and my panic subsided :)

This is my hair towel dried and had a shower comb run through it to stop pesky tangling, and as you can see, it was pretty blue when it was wet, and looking through my hair like that, it was rather cool~

This is the final result! My skin is finally realising it's autumn, so all the moisture has disappeared, and as I get with every autumn/winter, I have dry patches on my cheeks, so I decided to spare you and hide under my polo neck.

I had just taken my hair out of a ponytail and shaken it up, excuse the flyaways at the front) I coloured my hair maybe two weeks ago, and it's still really vibrant, and looks gorgeous when the light catches it, my only problem is that it seems to be fading quiet fast, but I suppose that's because of the blue in it. I'm left with a kind of pink/brown tinge to my hair now. It's a nice colour! Don't get me wrong, but... It's not the colour I wanted.

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