Monday, 24 May 2010


I am about two tasks away from finishing my coursework, but I'm so unethused to do it. Notice the nice contrast from my last post to this. I am still enthused about cadet work, but this, I just cannot be bothered.

I think it would be ok if I didn't have to write reports about the fantastic equal opportunities legislation and polices and procedures put into place following this. Long gone are the days where our Diversity lessons consisted of writing about Elton John's rant that Jesus was gay. I miss those lessons.

Blogger seems to be the only website that is not blocked, however, it still does not allow me to view my complete profile. >.< Just two more weeks and I'm done!

That being said, HAVE YOU GUYS HAD THE HEAT. Woo, it's been so hot, I've been sprawled out covered in those cooling patches you get for migraines. My ice bank is full and the bottom drawer of my freezer is full of these.

I am living off them.

57 days 'til my birthday!

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